Youth services of the City of Hämeenlinna

Youth services of the city organise leisure extra curricula and recreational services for young people and support young people's participation and provide criminal and dispute arbitration services.

You can become involved with youth activity centres by obtaining a Nuokkari card from your nearest youth activity centre which gives you free access to all youth centres in Hämeenlinna.

The card also entitles the bearer to discounts on excursions organised by youth services and other activities. Youth centres have facilities to play pool, listen to music, watch films, practise various handicrafts and meet friends and get to know new people.

Children's and young people's cultural centre ARX

The ARX is a joint base for producers and consumers of children's culture in Hämeenlinna. Children and young people can participate in, for example, workshops, exhibitions, performances and events organised by the ARX. More information on the activities of the ARX is on their website.

Children's and young people's cultural centre ARX

  • Keinusaarentie 1 (ARX House)

Multicultural youth work of the Hämeenlinna's Setlementti association

Hämeenlinna's Setlementti offers young people from multicultural backgrounds various activities, such as group activities, camps, excursions, help with homework, events and guidance with leisure time hobbies, developing their own skills, hiking and voluntary activities.

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