First aid and emergencies

In a life-threatening situation, you must call the Emergency Response Centre immediately.

Number for emergencies in Finland: 112

Mental health

You can contact the psychiatric nurse at the health centre if you are experiencing anxiety, depression or a crisis situation.

Psychiatric nurses, Main Health Centre

  • Viipurintie 1-3 (Building G, P-floor)
  • 03 621 5081 and 03 621 5127
  • Telephone time Monday-Friday at 11:00-12:00 

Substance abuse services

The A-Clinic provides help in substance abuse problems. The services are free.

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Financial and debt advice

The Financial and Debt Advice provides help, if you have financial problems or debts you cannot pay. The Financial and Debt Advice is free. You can make an appointment by calling during the telephone times.

Financial and Debt Advice

  • Raatihuoneenkatu 11 / Kastelli
  • 03 621 2765 and 03 621 2763
  • Telephone time Monday-Friday at 13:00-14:00
  • Visits by appointment only

Legal Aid Office

The Legal Aid Office provides assistance to private persons in all legal matters. The office serves clients from both Hämeenlinna and the surrounding municipalities.

Legal Aid Office

  • Sibeliuksenkatu 21
  • 010 3660 620 / 0100 86330

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Victim support

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of or witness to a crime, you can contact the Victim Support. It gives you advice and help on what to do.

Victim support, Hämeenlinna service point

Information on violence


In case of death, contact the parish of the deceased to obtain a burial place. Funeral arrangements are usually made by a private funeral home. To determine the assets and estate of the deceased, contact a solicitor or the legal aid office. Financial help for funeral costs can be enquired at the social benefits office. If the deceased should be transported to his or her home country fur burial, contact the embassy of your own country. Remember to cancel the agreements of the deceased (e.g. telephone, electricity and the internet), terminate any rental agreements and empty the apartment. Help in clearing out the apartment is available from the Sininauha association or the Luotsi foundation, for example. 

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