The Social Insurance Institution of Finland or Kela provides social security benefits for different life situations. You can apply for coverage by the social security, if you plan to live permanently in Finland. More information on benefits provided by Kela are available at the nearest office or on the website of Kela.                                            

Adult social welfare work

Adult social welfare work provides help and advice in different life situations. You may apply for discretionary income support in difficult life situations. First apply for Kela-benefits.

Adult social welfare work and information point:

Services for the elderly

Advice and guidance on the services for the elderly (people over the age of 65) and their family members is available at Kastelli service point. Service counsellors advise new clients on the services provided by public, private and third sector operators. Home visits determine the client's needs for services and, where needed, provide help with filling in applications.

Services for the disabled

A disabled person has a right to special services. For example, if the disability affects life, you can be provided different equipment or transport services. The services are available through the doctor or social worker.

Social services ombudsman

You can contact the social services ombudsman, if you are dissatisfied with the social services provided. The services of the social services ombudsman are free.


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