The emergency number in Finland is 112.

General information on health care in Finland  

Hämeenlinnan Terveyspalvelut (“Hämeenlinna Health Services”) provides a part of the health services of the city of Hämeenlinna: 

Cases of urgent medical care and emergency in Hämeenlinna

Diseases and injuries which are life-threatening or otherwise require urgent medical care are treated at the EMERGENCY UNIT of the Kanta-Häme Central Hospital (Kanta-Hämeen keskussairaala) in Hämeenlinna. (

Usual cases requiring medical care (acute respiratory infections, back pains, sprains, children’s ear infections) are examined and treated at health centres during office hours (link: Health Centres). Nurses and doctors usually have free appointment times for patients who require urgent care.

The dental care emergency duty (Hammassärkypäivystys)
is only for patients who require urgent treatment (see the criteria).

On working days at the Hämeenlinna dental clinics alternating on duty from 1 pm to 3 pm. Call the number 03 621 9100 in advance (the recorded message is in Finnish only). 

At weekends the clinic on duty varies and the emergency duty services are provided jointly by Janakkala Health Centre (Janakkalan terveysasema, Riihimäki Main Health Centre (Riihimäen pääterveysasema) and Hämeenlinna Main Health Centre (Hämeenlinnan pääterveysasema) between 10 am and 11 am. 

More information of the dental clinic on duty 

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