Sibelius in Hämeenlinna

In the centre of Hämeenlinna, in the 8th of December in the year of 1865, a son was born to the town doctor. The child was named Johan Christian Julius Sibelius. Today the world knows him as Finland´s beloved national composer, Jean Sibelius.

The birth home of Jean Sibelius now houses a cosy museum that features furniture and smaller items once owned by the families of the composer´s parents.

The compositions by Jean Sibelius include fascinatingly varied pieces; both universally acknowledged favourites and highly original masterpieces. One of Sibelius´s sources for inspiration was the striking nature in Hämeenlinna – a legend claims that the symphonic poem “Finlandia” was created in the unique sceneries of Aulanko.

Following in the footsteps of Sibelius, Hämeenlinna strives to promote a new kind of alliance between music and the whole range of other forms of art and culture. One example of this is the culture and conference centre Verkatehdas that is located in the centre of the town. We wish to welcome you to visit the cradle of Finnish music culture!