Top nature attractions

The national urban park

The very first National Urban Park in Finland is located in the town of Hämeenlinna. The park provides the visitors with an ideal place to glimpse at the intellectual, economical and social development as well as the cultural trends in Finland.

In a perfect balance, it brings together the stunning nature from the forest park of Aulanko, a lovely nature reserve, to the beautiful lakeside areas as well as varied human habitats from prehistoric sites to the mediaeval Häme Castle, old wooden houses and the old cloth factory Verkatehdas. As you travel along the winding routes, nature and culture – past and present – walk hand in hand right before your eyes.  The park is over 6 km in length and its maximum width is about 5 km. The land area extending from the centre via Häme Castle to Aulanko exceeds 700 hectares.

Aulanko offers an ample selection of experiences for all visitors. Scandic Aulanko is home to a spa and an area, in addition to which it offers visitors a number of well-being services; there is a stable, a tennis court, the Aulanko Golf course and adventure park right next to the hotel. Aulanko is nestled within a forest park, where visitors can climb the belvedere to admire the view, or stroll along the ponds to feed ducks.

Ahvenisto nature reserve

There is an outdoor swimming pool, an ecological adventure park, sandy beaches, a beach volleyball court, a café and lean-to with a campfire base in Ahvenisto.

Natural trail of Ahvenisto is signed and maps are provided from the café or can be downloaded in Finnish here. Natural trail is totally 6 km long but it’s possible to walk around the lake Ahvenisto with 3 km long trail. Ahvenisto hosted modern pentathlon in Summer Olympic’s held in Finland in 1952. One of the events of modern pentathlon was cross country running and the natural trail crosses this historical running track a few times along the way. There are some uphill’s along the nature track, so make sure to put on some sturdy shoes and take enough water!

Sibelius Forest – A nature sight near city of Hämeenlinna

Sibelius Forest is about 100 hectares of nature reserve located in Hämeenlinna. It is just outside the Aulanko Peace area, managed by the City of Hämeenlinna.

Finland’s national composer, Mr. Jean Sibelius (1865–1957), who was born in Hämeenlinna, walked in his youth in these forests with his violin in search of inspiration for his famous melodies.

Evo nature and hiking area

The Evo area is one of the largest forest areas in the southern Finland. The versatile terrain splintered by small lakes and ponds and the esker landscape typical of Hämeenlinna area make Evo a perfect place for a fishing trip or spending a day or two hiking in the woods.

It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the centre of Hämeenlinna to Evo.