Aulanko Lakeside

THE AULANKO LAKESIDE consists of four buildings and offers approx. 22 bed places on the shore of the beautiful Lake Aulangonjärvi. It’s located only 15 meters from the shoreline and 5 kilometres from Hämeenlinna’s city centre!

The Main Villa is brand new with all modern comforts and 15 bed places, finished in Spring 2019. The other buildings include the Small Villa offering 5 bed places alongside a modern kitchen and bathroom, the lakeside sauna next to the Lake Aulangonjärvi, and the sleeping cottage built for year-round use offering 4 bed places. These buildings have been renovated in 2017.

The entirety of Aulanko Lakeside’s four buildings offers up to 23 bed places. The Main Villa has 11–16 bed places in 3 bedrooms and on the main hall’s convertible couches. The Small Villa has 3 beds and a 2-person convertible couch. The lakeside sauna’s bedroom has 2 beds and the sleeping cottage has 4 beds.

The Main Villa has a total area of 130 m2and the spacious 50 m2 main hall is just shy of 3 meters high and has seats for 20 persons to sit along the long wooden table. The same space can also be used for accommodation with the 2 convertible couches. The whole building has a free wireless internet access and large flat-screen TV which work nicely as regular TV as well as presentation screen. The main hall has also a direct access to the terrace which presents a beautiful view across the Lake Aulangonjärvi to the granite observation tower.