Medieval Häme castle

Escape the Castle

Escape the Castle -adventures are puzzling and action-packed races against the time! One by one the mysterious clues and characters will reveal you the right answers and lead you to your escape... To do this within the given timeline, your team needs to polish co-operation skills, team spirit and activate those ”little grey cells”… That will eventually determine, which of the teams escape and who will end up in the pillory…

Escape the Castle ® is carried out in three historically unique locations Häme Castle in Hämeenlinna, Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna and Turku Castle. All the adventures are produced in co-operation with the National Museum of Finland and the Museum Centre of Turku, which guarantees a memorable day to your company, colleagues and friends! Contrary to traditional escape rooms, where everything happens in a single room, we have a real medieval castle as the stage of our Escape the Castle ® -adventures!​

In addition to public events, you can also order private Escape the Castle -event for your company / group. Price is based to the group size. Don´t hesitate to contact us!