Evo Twin

Both of Evo Twin’s buildings (90 m2 and 130 m2) are villas equipped with all modern comforts including own kitchens, sauna- and shower facilities. Evo Twin’s generous terrace with a barbeque shelter, a fireplace, a 20-person table group and a hot tub offers the means for organizing a handsome barbeque party with plenty of space for socializing and grilling together. Both saunas have a direct access with clean feet to the villas’ own terraces and onwards to the large terrace’s wood-heated hot tub to finalize the ultimate sauna relaxation! There is no private beach or beach sauna at Evo Twin.

The 90 m2 Evo Hunt House has a total of 7 to 8 bed places in two bedrooms and on the living room’s extra mattresses. The 130 m2 Evo Lakeside Villa has a total of 13 to 16 bed places in 3 bedrooms and on the living room’s extra mattresses. All-in-all Evo Twin has a total of 5 bedrooms and 20 to 24 bed places. If needed, there are more extra mattresses available. Our most venturesome guests are welcome to sleep in the barbeque hut which also works for accommodation purposes in summertime. Altogether Evo Twin is suited for approx. 20-person groups.

Both villas have a living room with a large table to organize small meetings. You can hook up your laptop to an LED TV with a HDMI cable for presentation use.

The entire Evo Peace area has a free high-speed wireless internet network, which includes not only villas, gardens and beach areas, but also the Wilderness Barn on the edge of the area.