Evo Wilderness Villa

Multifunctional Evo Wilderness Villa is the only property in its 1700 hectares forest area. Come and feel the silence and peace in the wilderness, have a peaceful meeting, go fishing, hiking or trekking. Let the forest surprise and refresh you, be it summer or winter. Enjoy all the modern comforts of Evo Wilderness Villa near Evo’s famous hiking area.

The villa isn’t in the middle of nowhere but in the population centre of Finland, 150 kilometres from Helsinki, 100 kilometres from Tampere and 45 kilometres from Hämeenlinna.

Come to the old times atmospheric log house in the forest while still enjoying modern comforts such as water closets, air-conditioning, comfortable beds, modern kitchen, indoor and outdoor saunas, and hot tub. Experience the original atmosphere of the carefully renovated log house and the feel the harsh worksite of old times lumberjacks in your own Peace & Privacy.

The renovated, almost 200 m2, Evo Wilderness Villa has a dining and meeting area for up to 20 persons, 15 bed places, 5 bedrooms, a dressing room, showers, an indoor sauna, 2 bathrooms, and an atmospheric old times log-built outdoor sauna as a cherry on top. Together the two saunas will sit a total of 20 persons. In addition, there is 70 m2 worth of terraces with one right next to the main building sitting 15 persons and the other next to the outdoor sauna with enough space for 10 persons to cool off. Both have access to the hot tub in the forest garden via the duckboard.