A girl is walking in the middle of the fields

Experience Clean Nature With Us in Iloranta

We want to offer our guests overall well being from dawn till dusk in a genuine country milieu. Gorgeous nature, the peace and tranquillity of the countryside as well as the healing impact of the forest are found here. The farmstead is situated in the authentic Finnish countryside in the middle of fields and forests on the banks of the lake Iso-Roine (Big Roine). Swimming and taking a sauna, home made organic food, activities for each and everyone regardless of what shape you are in. All this builds up to a comfort holiday in addition to exquisite experiences from Finland.
Not only can the travellers take care of their own well-being during their vacation, but they also have a chance to get acquainted with the traditional Finnish life-style and taste pure, genuine flavors in the midst of nature. Not to mention having a possibility to catch their own fish and prepare their own meals!