Linna Golf

Experience the Nordic tranquility at Linna Golf, Finland.

Set in a convenient location less than an hour drive from Helsinki Airport and city centre of the Finland’s capital, Linna Golf is easily accessible from every corner of the globe. The well-appointed resort facilities, in the city of Hämeenlinna, include Hotel Vanajanlinna and its high-quality restaurants, gym and day spa. The venue caters well for all golfers, who can stay in on-site hotel rooms, apartments or luxurious golf suites. Accommodation is available for over 200 guests and the facilities’ multiple function rooms along with outdoor entertaining spaces are perfect for larger events.

Linna Golf has received plenty of praise from National and International rankings over recent years and was the Players’ Choice for the Best Golf Resort in Finland 2021, ranked 1st for its service, course presentation and overall experience. Most recently, Golf World ranked Linna as the 60th in The Best Resorts in Continental Europe and was among the Top 3 Golf Resorts in the Nordics. Holder of the Best Course in Finland title.

With a golf season that starts in Spring and extends until mid-October, Linna Golf offers nature’s full palette of colours in style. During the sunniest summer months of June and July, the long daylight hours allow almost 24-hour playing time, creating a surreal golfing experience.