A men is sleeping in a sleeping bag in the middle of forrest

Take a Nap in The Quiet of The Forest of Iloranta

The trees in the ancient forest of Iloranta are slowly swaying, the forest faintly rustling. The birds singing high up in the trees accompany you on your way to take a nap. Breathe in the fresh clean air – exhale your woes and worries away!
There is a hammock hanging between the trees, waiting for you to climb in and enjoy your nap. Our experience instructor will take you to your hammock, help you get inside your sleeping bag and tuck you in for a nap. The calming effect of the forest, the quiet swaying of the hammock and the silence will cradle you into a refreshing sĺeep.

The length of the nap is up to you – you can wake up and get up whenever you feel ready!