Tervaniemi recreation area nature trail, Hämeenlinna Lakeland Finland.

Tervaniemi Recreation Area and Soininsaari

Tervaniemi recreation area on the shores of Alajärvi in Hämeenlinna, is a popular outdoor area throughout the year. Tervaniemi has a nice beach with its own shallow area for children. A hut and volleyball court can be found near the beach. A 3,5-kilometre trekking trail circles around the Tervaniemi cape. In winter, Tervaniemi has good ski trails as well as an skating trail on icy lake.

Three kilometres from Tervaniemi, at the northwestern end of Alajärvi, lies Soininsaari. The island has an outdoor trail, a swimming spot and two huts. During winter time, Soininsaari can be reached by ski trails or skating trails, in summer by boat.