Children are learning by open fire

The Countryside – With Phenomenon-based Learning in Iloranta

Nature, environment and country life are the subjects of phenomenon-based learning at Iloranta. In our decades of school camps we have noticed that true learning is based on personal experience and insight. Here you can start to figure out which are the aspects of country life and nature that spark your interest, or that are all new to you.

Before the beginning of your visit, you get to choose themes for the students to observe in smaller groups during the camp. The themes will be developed together with the teachers and our instructors throughout your stay. It is useful to get to know something about the themes and some terminology beforehand. In addition to this, everyone will get to participate in the traditional Iloranta ”Learning in the countryside” school camp programme. Nowadays many people living in cities and towns have no contact to the countryside and this is where camp schools in the country become more important than ever. Just feeding and cuddling farm animals or grabbing fish and crayfish in your hand are great experiences which are told over and over again at home.

At the end of your visit, the students get to make informal presentations using art as a medium, allowing them to share experiences and observations about their chosen themes to each other. Did you perhaps learn something surprising, maybe something to keep researching and observing even after the trip?