Vanajanlinna saunas

Hotel Vanajanlinna in Hämeenlinna is a full-service hotel and award-winning conference, event and banquet venue. There is four saunas on the grounds.

From the pier of the Lakeside Sauna you can dip right into the cooling waters of Lake Katuma. The sauna is situated near the Manor, on the other side of a brick wall, for improved privacy. The Lakeside Sauna has a spacious room to entertain 25, a serving kitchen and two saunas for up to seven at a time, as well as a large terrace.

Linna Sauna is situated in the Southern Wing of the Main Building and has its own private room for entertaining (up to 15 people) and large sauna facilities.

The Golf Club Sauna facilities serve Vanajanlinna guests outside of golfing season. The spacious, and high-standard dressing rooms and spacious sauna- and washing facilities make for a pleasant sauna, even for larger groups.

Vanajanlinna is also the site of one of the top golf courses in Finland - Linna Golf, which is the only European Tour Destinations in Finland.