Located in the heart of Hämeenlinna, Verkatehdas Event Centre opened its doors in 2007. Our purpose is to ensure that there is a place in Hämeenlinna to organise different types of events that bring people together, whether they be meetings, concerts, hybrid or virtual events, fairs, corporate functions or even mass vaccinations against worldwide pandemics, as witnessed in 2021.

The red-bricked factory buildings of the Verkatehdas property were renovated in a way that honoured the Hämeenlinna Verkatehdas factory that had been manufacturing baize fabrics since 1895. More than half a million visitors arrive at Verkatehdas each year to enjoy various events.

The heart of Verkatehdas is its 703-seat Vanaja Hall, which adapts easily from a rock venue to a meeting space, or from a seminar hall to a stand-up comedy club. In addition to Vanaja Hall, Verkatehdas has a whole host of different types and sizes of venues that are perfect for meetings, hybrid or virtual events, fairs, gigs, corporate parties, plays, customer functions, seminars and training events.

Verkatehdas’ mission is to facilitate unforgettable event experiences for its customers. This is realised by providing an interesting event milieu, an accessible location, brilliant catering and functional technical solutions. We want to offer our customers top-of-the-line services from our highly experienced professional personnel. We warmly welcome you to Verkatehdas!