Kaksi nuorta opiskelijaa halaa toisiaan. Kaksi nuorta opiskelijaa halaa toisiaan.

Student´s Hämpton

Welcome to study in Hämeenlinna! Did the school doors open yet? Or are you still thinking about applying to Hämeenlinna? Check this page for the tips and information about the student life in our city.

Right here: Nature

In Hämeenlinna, the nature is almost on your doorstep. There are routes for hikers, skiers and cyclists as well. People who lives in Hämeenlinna, their favorite places are for example Aulanko and the beach route through the city. You can also go to stair training and an outdoor gym in many places in our city. And the best thing is that all of them are free!

Aulanko full of nature experiences  The Lake Vanajavesi Shore Walk  All outdoor routes (in Finnish)   Free places to workout outside (in Finnish) 

Get there by the bus

Although outdoor activities are good for you, another good option for moving around is the buses. We have a working public transport, which has its own affordable prices for students. Waltti card for charging and driving!

Public transport in Hämeenlinna  

An enthusiast's dream

Fun fact: About 1300 different associations or clubs operate in Hämeenlinna. We guarantee that you'll find exactly what you're looking for here: whether it's dance, visual arts, motor sports, football, crossfit or whatever you desire.

Associations and clubs  Hämeenlinna swimming pools - student price for swimming and going to the gym (in Finnish)  Vanajavesi Adult Education Centre 

What can you do in here?

It’s worth to visiting for example gigs in Verkatehdas and our numerous museums. The gems of the summer are all the festivals in Linnanpuisto area. The hockey fans road leads to the local hockey team HPK’s games. Shopping suitable for the student budget, we have a lot of flea markets and second-hand boutiques in here.

Events in Verkatehdas   Hämeenlinna TOP 10  Local hockey team: HPK (in Finnish)  Flea markets and vintage galleries (in Finnish) 

Your well-being is taken care of

The overall well-being of the student is taken care of by for example psychologists, curators, health care nurses and special education teachers. See more details on the school's website. We also have Ohjaamo Stage, which gathers services intended for people under 30 in one place with the aim of making it easier to get services.

The welfare services of high schools and Vocational College Tavastia (in Finnish)  The welfare services of Häme Vocational Institute (in Finnish)  Häme University of Applied Sciences' welfare services  Ohjaamo Stage Hämeenlinna (in Finnish) 

The internships and jobs

There are many employers and companies in Hämeenlinna that are happy to take on students for internships and work alongside their studies. Jobs are also available in many fields after graduation. Here in the city, we also regularly open places. Check out at least these:

The city of Hämeenlinna (in Finnish)  Kanta-Häme welfare area (in Finnish)  TE-services (in Finnish)  Duunitori (in Finnish) 

Let´s move on the practical matters ⇩

1. Get a school place

We have several schools that guarantee excellent starting points for further studies or where you can study a trade, a university degree or supplement your skills. Explore the options:

Tavastia General Upper Secondary Education  Tavastia Vocational College  Häme Vocational Institute (in Finnish)  Sports Academy of Tavastia (in Finnish)  Häme University of Applied Sciences 

2. Apartment wanted

Got a study place? Good job! Moving to Hämeenlinna is timely, so next you have to find an apartment in a good location in relation to the school. Start apartment hunting:

Housing counseling and youth apartments for 18-29-year-olds (in Finnish)  Apartments of the Student Housing Foundation  All Hämeenlinna rental apartments (in Finnish)  A mover's checklist 

4. Officially being a resident of Hämeenlinna

If you are a new resident of Hämeenlinna, check out the new resident's page where you can get the necessary tips for the first steps of your Hämpton life. You will also receive a welcome letter from us by post, with which you should stop by the nearest service point.

For a new resident (in Finnish)